Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Breakfast Is Live and Online!

Early Birds: Dick Anderson was the first to arrive and was followed by Mark Arnold and Mark Simon. We had 16 in person and 5 via ZOOM attend.

Guests: Cathy Daluge joined us.

Honorary Members: Dick Nelson, Dick Lindskoog, Mark Simon, Karen Holtmeier, and Ron Britz were in attendance.

President Jim Erickson brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.


  1. Board Meeting next week.
  2. Todd Anderson will have a radio ad on the PJ Fleck show. Please listen and give him some feedback.
  3. Neil Roers saw on FB that Kelsey and Brian Knight had a baby girl, Anna Marie.
  4. Mike Palm said to register online for round two of the State Fair food drive thru in October.
  5. ZOOM link is 837-250-6494, and Password is Breakfast.
  6. We have craft talk openings available in October. Please contact Craig Blixrud to get on the calendar.

Pot of Gold: Dick Anderson drew his own name today as the big winner.

Tip of the Day: Randy Korn said we all should have screen protectors on our phones. He also said we should do something that makes us uncomfortable every day.

Show n’ Tell: Jim Erickson shared some historical pictures of the Breakfast Club and leading Minnesota sports people from 40 years ago.

Business Exchange: Bill Junco started us off and was followed by Randy Korn, Chuck Shreffler, and new member, Mark Ahmann.

Craft Talk

Today we had a short club business overview. We currently have 42 members in the club. At one time in the late 1990’s we had 88 members. We also have 10 honorary members that are fairly active.

The club currently has $32K in assets and we have not billed the $75 per month dues since March. Since we started in-person meetings again we are spending about $2000 per month. The board will be taking up the issue of dues billing and how much next week. If you have an opinion to share, please reach out to Jim Erickson or Craig Blixrud.

We also talked about recruiting more members and it is important to talk to your sphere of friends and business associates about the club.

Please register with Jim Erickson at Jim@solomonssg.com or 612-325-3009.

Looking ahead

September 23- Summit Fire @ ECC

September 30- Guest Speaker- Steve Simon (Jim Erickson) @ ECC

October 7- Washburn-McReavy @ECC