Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Hold On For A Wild Election

Early Birds: Tom Ashbaugh, Mike Palm, and Dick Anderson were the early birds today. We had 17 in person and 6 via ZOOM attend.

Guests: None today.

Honorary Members: Dick Nelson, Dick Lindskoog, Mark Simon, Karen Holtmeier, and Ron Britz were in attendance.

President Jim Erickson brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.


  1. Board Meeting this week.
  2. A big check was awarded to Tom Ashbaugh for bringing us a new/old member, Mark Ahmann of Christensen Group.
  3. ZOOM link is 837-250-6494, and Password is Breakfast.
  4. We have craft talk openings available in October and November. Please contact Craig Blixrud to get on the calendar.

Pot of Gold: Todd Anderson was the big winner today.

Tip of the Day: Mark Simon had 2 tips to share today. One is the Target has Flu shots cheaper than free as they give you a $5 voucher for the store when you get the free shot. The 2nd tip is get used to saying, “I love you” when you finish a call or visit with your loved ones. It pays great dividends.

Show n’ Tell: Bob Alexander had show and tell today and gave us an update on his family and Verizon’s network and rollout of 5G service.

Business Exchange/Sharing: As the author went from table to table many members shared business and thoughts with the club.

Craft Talk

Today’s craft talk was supposed to be Steve Simon, Secretary of State for Minnesota. He will be with us at a future date. Instead, President Jim Erickson gave us a history of contested election and what we may expect will happen this year as the votes are counted. The presidential elections in 1800, 1876, and 2000 were contentious and several laws concerning the disputed elections were created in the aftermath of these elections. There are also state laws about who is eligible to vote, how they vote, and how ballots can be challenged. It is expected that if we have a close election there will be armies of lawyers challenging the results and we may not know who won the presidential election until January 2021.

Jim also handed out a reprint of COVID-19 Poll results that were published in the StarTribune on Tuesday for discussion.

Please register with Jim Erickson at jim@solomonssg.com or 612-325-3009.

Looking ahead                                                                               

October 7- Insperity @ECC. Dick Anderson has the Tip of the Day and Bill Junco will have Floral Arrangements for sale as the Show and Tell portion.

October 14 – TBD

October 21 – TBD

October 28 – Christensen Group (Mark Ahmann) @ECC