Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Insperity Offers Inspired HR Services!

Early Birds: Dwain Coleman, was first to arrive and was followed by Tom Ashbaugh and Dick Anderson today. We had 16 in person and 7 via ZOOM attend.

Guests: None today.

Honorary Members: Dick Nelson, Mark Simon, Karen Holtmeier, and Ron Britz were in attendance.

President Jim Erickson brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.


  1. ZOOM link is https://us04web.zoom.us/j/8372506494?pwd=RStMTVU4bVVDTU0vZU5UdXNSWTZoQT09 or meeting ID 837 250 6494 password is Breakfast
  2. We have craft talk openings available in November and December. Please contact Craig Blixrud to get on the calendar or with your ideas for craft talks.
  3. The Presidential poll ballots went out again today to see if there are changes in the club members positions. If you would like to vote- Let Jim Erickson know if you are a Biden or “other” Voter and Mike Palm if you are a Trump Voter.

Pot of Gold: The fifth card drawn today was Ron Britz. Just like a banker to leave the meeting with the money…..

Tip of the Day: Dick Anderson shared his Tip of the Day; “If you don’t have anything good to say, please keep you mouth shut”.

Show n’ Tell: Bill Junco brought in a number of floral arrangements to show and sell. Lots of spouses will be happy today.

Business Exchange/Sharing: Mike Palm shared that he has a new listing in the Opus Office park in Minnetonka. The UMAGA building which is listed for $27+ Million. As the author went from table to table many members shared business and thoughts with the club.

Craft Talk

Today’s craft talk was provided by Kristin Baas of Insperity. Insperity is a nationwide company of 3400+ employees based in Houston, TX. One of their 80 nationwide offices is in Bloomington, MN.

Insperity provides Human Resources Services that make a difference to employers and employees in organizations that do not have an in-house HR department. They provide payroll, employee benefits, and other services that keep a company in compliance with employee rules and regulations. They also consult with companies to have a HR strategy that keeps your staff performing at a high level.

Kristin’s role is to find clients that need and value Insperity’s services. As a client of Insperity you will have a specific people that are your point of contact for Payroll, Benefits, and other HR needs.

Please register with Kristin Baas at kristin.baas@insperity.com or 320-492-5747.

Looking ahead                                                                               

October 14 – TBD (Steve Simon?)

October 21 – TBD

October 28 – Christensen Group (Mark Ahmann) @ECC