Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Social Media or Covid-19 were today’s topics!

Early Birds: Bob Alexander was today’s early bird. We had 19 in person and 7 via ZOOM attend.

Guests: None today.

Honorary Members: Mark Simon, Karen Holtmeier, and Ron Britz were in attendance.

President Jim Erickson brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.


  1. ZOOM link is https://us04web.zoom.us/j/8372506494?pwd=RStMTVU4bVVDTU0vZU5UdXNSWTZoQT09 or meeting ID 837 250 6494 password is Breakfast
  2. We have craft talk openings available in November and December. Please contact Craig Blixrud to get on the calendar or with your ideas for craft talks.
  3. Today’s presidential attire…..

Pot of Gold: Tom Ashbaugh drew Mike Palm’s name with the 5th card.

Tip of the Day: Jim Erickson had the tip of the day for Boomers with “Leave the world a better place and be thankful for all we have been given”.

Russ Bremner: Longtime member, Russ Bremner, passed this week. He was with 3M for 30 years, married for 45, lived for a time in Europe, retired at 55, was a consultant with SCORE, and hated to be at a table with table introductions. He helped a number of club members by asking great questions about their businesses and did an outstanding job when he got to introduce the craft speaker. We will miss his dry wit.

Business Exchange/Sharing: Lots of members had something to share today. Dwain Coleman started us off and was followed by Bob Alexander, Jim Christianson, Mark Simon, Jon Peterson, Todd Anderson, Joe Kankovsky, Chuck Shreffler, Bill Junco, Paul Ralles, Bill McReavy Jr, and Mark Arnold. Mike Palm described a fantasy where he sold his UMAGA listing with the help of many club members.

Craft Talk

Today we had table topics as opposed to a craft talk. President Jim asked that we choose 1) Social Media impact on society or 2) Covid-19 response by the Chinese, Federal government, and/or State government.

Jim recommended we watch “Social Dilemma” on Netflix to understand more about millennials and social media.

Please register with Jim Erickson at Jim@solomonssg.com or 612-325-3009.

Looking ahead                                                                               

October 21 – Guest Speaker (Steve Simon?)

October 28 – Christensen Group (Mark Ahmann) @ECC

November 4 – TBD (pls sign up)