Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Property Casualty Insurance in 2020!

Early Birds: Mike Palm, Ron Britz, and Dick Anderson were warming chairs as the author arrived.

Guests: None Today

Honorary Members: Mark Simon, Karen Holtmeier, Dick Lindskoog, Ron Britz, and Dick Nelson were in attendance.

President Jim Erickson brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.


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  2. We have craft talk openings available in November and December. Please contact Craig Blixrud to get on the calendar or with your ideas for craft talks.
  3. Breakfast Club Presidential Poll results; Biden 9, Trump 16. Trump was up two from July and Biden was down one. So $Billion’s of Advertising changed very few minds.

Pot of Gold: Todd Anderson drew Bill Junco’s name with the 5th card.

Business Exchange/Sharing: Lots of members had something to share today as we went around from table to table.

Craft Talk

Joe Kankovsky introduced Mark Ahmann, Christensen Group Insurers.

Mark is married with 3 kids and been an Edina resident all his life. His hobbies have been raising kids and many outdoor activities.

Mark has been around the insurance business all is life. His father worked for and then bought the Ed Arnold agency. His older brother bought the business and renamed it RJ Ahmann. Mark joined the business in 1992 and had been with them until early 2020. He joined the Christensen Group in June 2020.

The Christensen Group has 157 employees and is based in Eden Prairie. They have 20 new employees this year and have seen growth of 5.5% in spite of the pandemic.

Mark talked about how business premiums based on revenue have been dropping as well as car insurance as people are driving less.

He also spent a lot of time talking about “Covered perils” in property and business interruption insurance. The Pandemic, looting, and arson across the country has had a large impact on the industry. For example; you might have covered perils related to events, but the policy doesn’t have coverage for demolition or debris removal. Most policies have an exclusion on government mandated shutdowns and/or microbes in a restaurant.

To get a review of how your insurance stacks up, call or email Mark for a discussion.

Please register with Mark Ahmann at mahamnn@christensengroup.com or 952-653-1164.

Looking ahead                                                                               

November 4 – NO MEETING (Either celebrating or bemoaning the election results late into the evening)

November 11- Boulay @ECC

November 18- Continental Diamond @ECC

November 25- Lindskoog Florists @ECC