Minneapolis Breakfast Club

ABC’s of Networking!

Early Birds: Hybrid meeting today and Peter Eaton and Bob Alexander were the early birds. We had 12 in-person and 6 via ZOOM today. We usually start the meeting online at 7:15 AM.

Guests: None today

Honorary Members: Karen Holtmeier and Dave Mitchell were at ECC today.

President Bob Alexander brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.


  1. ZOOM link is https://us04web.zoom.us/j/8372506494?pwd=RStMTVU4bVVDTU0vZU5UdXNSWTZoQT09 or meeting ID 837 250 6494 password is Breakfast
  2. NEXT WEEK IS A HYBRID MEETING! We will meet at the Edina Country Club and via ZOOM.
  3. Sign up for your 2021 Craft Talk! Please contact Craig Blixrud to get on the calendar or with your ideas for craft talks.
  4. We are looking for a Club Vice President. Please contact Bob Alexander (or you may be drafted).
  5. We are always looking for suggestions for new members. A great time to join as the dues are currently waived and ZOOM allows easy access to meetings.

Pot of Gold: Randy Korn had his card drawn today as the winner.

Business Exchange/Sharing:

Chris Leonard was here today for the first time in a year he thinks. Paul Ralles may have Covid-19 and Keith Kovacevick had success with his eye surgery per President Bob Alexander. In addition, Tom Whaley had his air bag deploy unexpectedly while on the road and is MIA today.

Todd Anderson’s limo business is picking up with the Chavin trial as he ferries out of town reporters around.

Bob Alexander and Jim Christianson had business exchanges to share.

Craft Talk:

Bob Alexander continued his review of the Harvey MacKay’s book, ABC’s of Success with a chapter on Networking. Bob ran down the alphabet for success in networking and NO, the Minneapolis Breakfast Club was not the “M” on the list but it should have been.

Lots of words of wisdom for developing relationships and maintaining them over time. Like any thing else, it requires work and discipline to maintain a network of friends and business associates.

Register with Bob Alexander at balexander@selectcomm.net or 612-720-1450.

Looking ahead                                                                               

March 17, 2021- Hybrid meeting with the St Paul Saints.

March 24, 2021 – Hybrid Meeting with a TBD craft talk.

March 31, 2021 – No Meeting