Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Wine, Beer, or Cocktails?

Early Birds: Bob Alexander, Dwain Coleman, and Todd Anderson were the early birds today.

Honorary Members: Mark Simon and Karen Holtmeier were in attendance.

Guests: Kim Alexander was a guest of Bob Alexander.

President Bob Alexander brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.


  1. No Meeting on June 30 (fifth Wednesday). We will be meeting on July 7.
  2. Karen Holtmeier had us sing Happy birthday to Mike Palm for his 60th.
  3. Mike Palm is planning a boat cruise for August 25.
  4. Paul Ralles is planning a golf outing in September.
  5. There are still Craft talk dates available in August and beyond. Please contact Craig Blixrud to get on the schedule.
  6. We will discontinue ZOOM meetings unless the membership thinks we need to continue them. Let Craig or Bob Alexander know your preference.

Pot of Gold: Julius Webster was the winner this week after drawing for a winner last week.

Business Networking: None today.

Business Exchange/Sharing:

Sharing today were Chuck Shreffler, Todd Anderson, and Paul Ralles.

Table introductions: Bob Alexander called on Jim Christianson’s table to introduce themselves with summer plans and how is your business doing this year. Jim Christianson, Todd Anderson, Dwain Coleman, Craig Blixrud, and Chuck Shreffler all had something to say.

Craft Talk:

Paul Ralles of Knollwood Liquors was the craft speaker today.

Knollwood Liquors was started in 1958, the Ralles family bought the store in 1968 and Paul’s parents ran the store for years.

The store grossed about $300K in the early years and in 1974 had their first $1M year (back when a million was a lot of money). In 2020, Sales were the highest ever at $3M as liquor is an essential business. In 2021, sales have fallen some as restaurants and bars have opened up.

Paul talked about competing with Total Wine, Costco, Sam’s Club, Cub, et al. Being a long-term neighborhood business with good service and familiar faces helps a lot, as does a broad inventory for choices.

He also talked about the bourbon craze and how seltzers are a big seller.

Paul actually retired April 1, but is working as much as ever due to staffing issues. The store will be closing in about 4 years as the building site will become a Bremer Bank building.

Register with Paul Ralles at rallo72@msn.com or 952-270-0433.

Looking ahead 

June 30, 2021 – No Meeting

July 7, 2021- B2B CFO- Peter Eaton

July 14, 2021- New American Funding- Jon Peterson

July 21, 2021- Insperity