Minneapolis Breakfast Club

NFT and Digital Access, a Primer!

Early Birds: Jim Christensen, Bob Alexander, and Mike Palm were the early birds today.

Honorary Members: Mark Simon, Ron Britz, Martin Peyer, and Karen Holtmeier were in attendance.

Guests: Connor Peterson was a guest of his father, Jon Peterson.


  1. The Craft Talk scheduled will be circulated each week. We have open dates next week, and in September and November.
  2. Roster update for 2022 will start soon led by Dwain Coleman. Please let him know if you will be placing an ad in the roster book.
  3. We need a Vice President for the club. Interested? Contact President Jon.
  4. The Boat cruise is now being planned for late September with a smaller boat.
  5. On September 8 we will have a joint meeting with Ham and Eggs covering the Minneapolis Aquatennial wrap up.

Business Networking: Randy Korn still needs a Project Manager/Sales person and a carpenter.

Business Exchange: Craig thanked Randy Korn and Chuck Shreffler for networking.

Pot of Gold: Connor Peterson drew 5 cards and the big winner was Ron Britz.

Craft Talk:

Jon Peterson introduced our guest craft speaker, Connor Peterson (his son).

Connor grew up with his parents in Ham Lake and went to college at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, MN. He interned at Marketplace Home Mortgage and joined his father at New American Funding. He lives in Minneapolis.

Connor introduced NFT’s to the audience. NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens that in the digital world have value and can be exchanged for other items of value in the digital world such as Bitcoins. In order to have value, NFTs must have a Certificate of Authenticity and verifiable chain of ownership. This is where block chain technology cones into play.

Connor shared with us many types of NFTs such as digital basketball player card and digital art. He also told us about virtual horse racing where can you buy, sell, race, and breed digital horses.

He also talked about Gary Vee and his investments in social media and what he is doing with NFTs.

For more info on what types of things can be considered NFTs, check out Open Sea at https://opensea.io/ .

A really informative talk about new things in the digital age.

For registration contact Jon Peterson at jon.peterson@nafinc.com or 763-360-9652.

Looking ahead                                                                               

August 25, 2021 – TBD @ ECC

September 1, 2021- TBD @ ECC

September 8, 2021- Minneapolis Aquatennial recap (joint w/ Ham and Eggs)