Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Round the Tables Today!

Early Birds: Dwain Coleman, Bob Alexander, and Todd Anderson were the first to arrive today.

Past President Bob Alexander called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.

Honorary Members: Mark Simon, Ron Britz, and Karen Holtmeier were in attendance.

Guests: Who are you bringing next week?


  1. The Craft Talk scheduled will be circulated each week. We have open dates next week, and in September and November.
  2. Roster update for 2022 are in process led by Dwain Coleman. Please let him know if you will be placing an ad in the roster book.
  3. We need a Vice President for the club. Interested? Contact President Jon.
  4. The Boat cruise is now being planned for October 6 at $80 per person. Contact Mike Palm to sign up.
  5. On September 8 we will have a joint meeting with Ham and Eggs covering the Minneapolis Aquatennial wrap up.
  6. On September 15 we will be OFFSITE at Platinum Bank with Neil Roers.

Business Networking: Jim Erickson is looking for a Marketing/Salesperson for distributing Hemp Products from his fledging Co-op.

Business Exchange: Dwain Coleman and Chuck Shreffler shared today.

Pot of Gold: Dwain Coleman drew 5 cards and the big winner was Chuck Shreffler.

Craft Talk:

Bob Alexander called on each of the members present to update us on their business and/or personal lives.

Of special note, after the talk by Connor Peterson, Kim Erickson became the proud owner of a NFT Race Horse. No word yet on whether is nag or a money maker.

For registration contact Jon Peterson at jon.peterson@nafinc.com or 763-360-9652.

Looking aheadĀ 

September 8, 2021- Minneapolis Aquatennial recap (joint w/Ham and Eggs)

September 15, 2021- Platinum Bank w/ Neil Roers OFFSITE