Minneapolis Breakfast Club

On the Road with Carey Limousine!

Early Birds: Bob Alexander, Mark Ahmann, Dwain Coleman, and Julius Webster came early for coffee and fellowship.

Call to Order: Craig Blixrud filled in for Jon Peterson and called the meeting to order.

Honorary Members: Dick Nelson and Ron Britz were in attendance.

Guests: Who are you bringing soon?


  1. NO MEETING NEXT WEEK September 29.
  2. No Meeting on October 6 as well. Please attend the Boat Cruise.
  3. Roster update for 2022 are in process led by Dwain Coleman. Please let him know if you will be placing an ad in the roster book.
  4. We need a Vice President for the club. Interested? Contact President Jon.
  5. The Boat cruise is now scheduled for October 6 at $80 per person. Contact Mike Palm to sign up. Approx 30 have signed up, but there is room for many more. 5 PM boarding and leave the dock at 5:30 PM.

Business Networking: Todd Anderson needs limousine drivers. Randy Korn needs carpenters and a Sales/Project manager. Jim Christianson said Staples is still looking for a salesperson to replace him.

Business Exchange: Neil Roers, Chuck Shreffler, Dwain Coleman, Bob Alexander, Jim Christianson, and Paul Ralles all had something to share.

Pot of Gold: Neil Roers drew 5 cards and the big winner was Paul Ralles.

Craft Talk:

Craft Speaker Todd Anderson took us on his journey through the pandemic. 2019 was a record year in his business with several major events throughout the year, then came COVID-19.

In 2020, Todd sold half of his limousine fleet and some of his funeral cars. His major source of revenue was transporting bodies to funeral homes and morgues. With a PPP loan help he was able to maintain a core staff to execute his business. He credits Matt Crane of Boulay as being a great resource in giving advice. To date, he has transported about 2000 Covid victims out of the 8000 that have dies statewide.

In 2021, his limousine service is starting to come back and his funeral car business remains strong. He also sells funeral cars and that business is hampered by production issues and material shortages like the chips that have affected all new car production.

Going forward, he is grateful for the support of his family during these trying times and sees positive growth in his business going forward.

When you need a ride, call Todd for great service.

For registration contact Todd Anderson @ tanderson@careympls.com or 612-597-9465.

Looking ahead

September 29, 2021- No meeting 5th Wednesday

October 6, 2021- No morning meeting, the boat cruise is in the evening.

October 13, 2021- Washburn-McReavy @ ECC