Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Paging our Electronic Design Co!

Early Birds: Jon Peterson, Mike Palm, and Dwain Coleman came early for coffee and fellowship.

Call to Order: Jon Peterson called the meeting to order. Jon wondered about how 3D printers work and he understands NFT and Bitcoins? 

Honorary Members: Karen Holtmeier and Dick Nelson were in attendance.

Guests: Who are you bringing soon?


  1. Roster update for 2022 is in process led by Dwain Coleman. Please let him know if you will be placing an ad in the roster book.
  2. We need a President and Vice President for the club. Interested? Contact President Jon.

Business Networking: Erik Schindler needs theatrical riggers. 

Business Exchange: Sharing today were Todd Anderson, Mike Palm, and Paul Ralles.

Pot of Gold: Joe Kankovsky drew 5 cards and the big winner was (insert drumroll) Joe Kankovsky.

Craft Talk:

Craft Speaker Joe Kankovsky joined the club in 2018 as a guest of Jim Christianson. Joe gave us an overview of how his family had been dealing with the pandemic and still managed to take family vacations.

Electronic Design Company had its start over 30 years ago as an early implementer of low voltage systems. Some of the work they are most proud of is the MNDOT camera system on the freeways to monitor traffic and the paging system at the MSP Airport.

In the last 5 years they have provided solutions to MSP, Mayo, Medtronic, 3M, Target Center, Minneapolis Convention Center, and the Minnesota Vikings new headquarters.

They are currently providing conference room solutions for the post pandemic working world. They can find a solution for any size facility.

Call Joe to see how they can help your business be successful.

For registration contact Joe Kankovsky at jkankovsky@edcsolutions.com or 612-940-4320.

Looking ahead

November 10 Recruiting new members @ECC

November 17 Solomon Strategies @ECC

November 24 TBD