Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Minneapolis City Election Recap

Early Birds: Bob Alexander and Dwain Coleman came early for coffee and fellowship.

Call to Order: Jon Peterson called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a brief moment of silence.

Honorary Members: Dick Nelson, Bob Alexander, Jim Christianson, and Karen Holtmeier were in attendance.

Guests: Minneapolis City Council member Linea Palmisano and John Quincy of the Solomon Group


  1. There will be a board meeting today.
  2. We will be meeting next week on November 24.
  3. Roster update for 2022 are in process led by Dwain Coleman. Please let him know if you will be placing an ad in the roster book.
  4. We need a President and Vice President for the club. Interested? Contact President Jon.

Business Networking: Todd Anderson and Chuck Shreffler took in a Gopher Hockey game last week. 

Business Exchange: Dwain Coleman, Todd Anderson, Bob Alexander, and Paul Ralles shared.

Pot of Gold: John Quincy drew Jim Christianson’s card as the winner. 

Craft Talk:

Craft Speaker Jim Erickson of the Solomon Strategies Group introduced a colleague, John Quincy, and our special guest Minneapolis City Council member Linea Palmisano.

John gave us an overview on the city election results. Mayor Frey was re-elected, 7 new persons were elected to the 12 member city council, Question 1 on the relationship between the mayor and city council passed. Question 2 on Public Safety was defeated, and Question 3 on rent control passed. John mentioned that there was the highest voter turnout since the 1970’s for the election and that as always the southern wards led in the turnout totals. He also talked about how ranked choice voting influenced the campaigning and voting.

Councilperson Linea talked about how the new city government will take awhile to get formed and that the 2022 budget will be developed and approved by a lame duck council. Linea was elected with the highest vote total of any council candidate and had been steadfast in her support of Public Safety as a priority. She talked about the staffing size and needs of the Police Department and how they are continuing to look at different ways to respond to emergency calls.

Councilperson Linea took a number of questions from the audience about public safety and the fact that Minneapolis seems to have a “black cloud” hanging over the city.

All in all an informative presentation.

For registration contact Jim Erickson at jim@solomonSSG.com or 612-325-3009.

Looking ahead

November 24 TBD @ ECC

December 1 Palm Commercial @ECC

December 8 TBD@ECC

December 15 TBD@ECC