Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Beyond the Kentucky Derby!

Early Birds: Craig Blixrud and Tom Ashbaugh were the early birds today. Best crowd in awhile with 21 attendees today.

Call to Order: President Jon Peterson called the meeting to order.

Honorary Members: Karen Holtmeier, Martin Peyer, Ron Britz, and Bob Alexander were honorary members in attendance

Guests: Tom Ashbaugh, Dorothy and Steve Erban were guests of Jim Erickson.


  1. Roster update for 2022 are in process led by Dwain Coleman. Please let him know if you will be placing an ad in the roster book.
  2. We need a President, Vice President, and Board members for the club starting in the January thru June 2022 term. Interested? Contact President Jon.
  3. Jim Erikson announced that he is hosting a luncheon at Malcolm Yards next Thursday, December 23 from 11- 1:30. Come, buy your own lunch, and meet and greet some new folks.
  4. There will be a board meeting after the regular meeting on January 5.

Business Networking: Ron Britz had a little show and tell about his Chicago Bulls Starter jacket and cap.

Business Exchange: None today.

Pot of Gold: Dorothy Erban drew 5 cards and the big winner was Mark Ahmann.

Craft Talk:

Chuck Shreffler introduced some clients of his that were guests of Jim Erickson, Steve and Dorothy Erban.

Steve gave a primer on the “Agriculture Business” of horse racing. Genetics, feeding, training, and vet services all play a part in making a successful racehorse.

Financially a racehorse is a depreciating asset that may make you some money or cover their costs. Many horse owners join together in LLCs to own a horse and share in the cost as well as the benefits.

Purses for races have been rising over the last few years. In Minnesota this is happening due to the partnership between casinos on reservations and Canterbury Downs and an agreement about not pursuing legislative approval of expanding gambling.

Steve and Dorothy in 1993 created a company, Creative Charters, that brings groups to sporting events such as the Kentucky Derby, College Bowl games, College BB tournaments, and other events. To date, they have brought over 30,000 Gopher Fans to events and included cheerleaders and bands that may not otherwise been able to attend.

For registration contact Jon Peterson at jon.peterson@nafinc.com or 763-360-3652.

Looking ahead

December 22 and 29 No Meetings

January 5 Club Business Meeting @ECC

January 12 TBD @ECC