Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Round Table discussion today!

Minneapolis Breakfast Club Newsletter February 2, 2022

Early Birds: Dwain Coleman and Jon Peterson came early for coffee and fellowship.

Call to Order: Jon Peterson called the meeting to order.

Honorary Members: Dave Mitchell was the only honorary member in attendance

Guests: None Today


  1. We need a President, Vice President, and Board members for the club starting in the January thru June 2022 term. Interested? Contact Past President Jon.
  2. 2022 Craft Talk dates are available. Sign up with Craig Blixrud.
  3. 2022 Rosters should be printed in the next week.

Business Networking: Past members Robert Sandberg had contacted Todd Anderson. Randy Korn is looking for a Sales/Design person. Dave Mitchell updated us on his 10,000 mile journey in the Western US since his retirement last fall. Paul Ralles had relatives place 3rd and 4th in the John Beargrease sled dog race.

Business Exchange: Julius Webster, Mark Ahmann, Bill McReavy Jr, Mike Palm, Craig Blixrud, and Randy Korn all had something to share today.

Pot of Gold: Julius Webster drew 5 cards and the winner was Dwain Coleman.

Craft Talk: 

Jon Peterson led a round table on “What was your first/favorite car and perhaps a youthful indiscretion”.

Registration can be to Jon Peterson at jon.peterson@nafinc.com or call/text 763-360-9652.

Looking ahead

February 9 Bullseye Media

February 16 Dr. Stephanie Carlson (Martin Peyer guest speaker) @ECC

February 23 TBD@ECC