Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Be on target with Bullseye Media!

Early Birds: Bob Alexander was hanging out until Joe Kankovsky arrived.

Call to Order: Craig Blixrud called the meeting to order.

Honorary Members: Karen Holtmeier and Bob Alexander were the honorary members in attendance

Guests: Bullseye Media had a team at the meeting and Robbie Danko stopped in.


  1. We need a President, Vice President, and Board members for the club starting in the January thru June 2022 term. Interested? Contact Past President Jon.
  2. 2022 Craft Talk dates are available. Sign up with Craig Blixrud.
  3. 2022 Rosters should be printed in the next week.
  4. There will be a brief board meeting next week.

Business Networking: Per Tom Whaley, the MLB strike will not affect the St. Paul Saints schedule. So get your tickets for the season.

Business Exchange: Sharing this week were Don Thiets and Craig Blixrud

Pot of Gold: Gabe Freund drew 5 cards and the winner was Jim Erickson.


Craft Talk: 

Kelsey Wolter Knight introduced her business partner and husband, Brian as today’s craft speaker.

Brian and Kelsey met at Augustana College where Brian was a baseball player. Later Brian attended a film school in California. He and Kelsey have a daughter, Anna, and another child on the way.

Brian returned to Minnesota, recruited Kelsey to come to Minnesota from Texas, and started Bullseye Media to service small and medium sized organizations with top tier marketing services.

Besides Brian and Kelsey, Bullseye Media visitors include Annie Deutscher (who assists our club) and Drew Wolter of Banana Box.

Brian started his presentation on how Bullseye Media has worked with club member Electronic Design to provide them with complete marketing services on an outsource basis eliminating the need for an in-house marketing staff at Electronic Design.

Brian also gave us a number of insights into a number of marketing topics such as; Target Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Video, and Websites and content.

Brian also introduced us to a topic called “Positive Market Disruption”, where you can jolt someone into an action by doing something unexpected in marketing.

Lastly, Brian introduced a new venture he and Kelsey started last year called Banana Box. Banana Box rents reusable moving boxes on a daily basis to help people avoid purchasing and then recycling boxes used in local moves.

Contact Brian to get started on updating your approach to marketing your business.

Register with Brian at bknight@bmediallc.com or call/text at 612-508-3491.


Looking ahead

February 16 Dr. Stephanie Carlson (Martin Peyer guest speaker) @ECC

February 23 TBD@ECC

March 2 Lone Birch Realty @ECC