Minneapolis Breakfast Club

How is your Brain’s Executive Function Working!

Early Birds: Bob Alexander and Dwain Coleman were working on the directory update as the author arrived.

Call to Order: Craig Blixrud called the meeting to order.

Honorary Members: Karen Holtmeier, Bob Alexander, and Jim Christensen were the honorary members in attendance

Guests: Jim Christiansen brought a friend, Larry Kouba. Shauna McDonald of Playworks was also a guest filling in for Martin Peyer to introduce our speaker.


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Business Networking: Craig Blixrud met up with former member, Scott Missling of HM Cragg and he said to say hi.

Business Exchange: Dwain Coleman and Mike Palm had business with members to share.

Pot of Gold: Todd Anderson drew Randy Korn’s card for the winner.

Craft Talk: 

Shauna McDonald introduced our guest speaker today. Dr. Stephanie Carlson is McKnight Professor at the University of Minnesota who studies the brain’s executive function development in early childhood. She is also a founder of Reflective Performance Inc, a company that focuses on measuring and enhancing the brain’s executive functions over a lifetime.

Dr. Carlson gave us an overview of the brain’s executive functions in memory, cognitive flexibility, and impulse control. Executive function performance can be predictor on one’s success as an employee or leader. Being able to handle stress and decision making are things that the executive function handles.

Her company is developing metrics and tools for measuring and improving the brain’s executive function.

Reflective Performance Inc is in the process of raising funds to develop the tools and staff to provide a new approach for workforce development.

A very interesting craft talk as long as I wasn’t distracted by my phone (you had to be at the presentation to get this comment).

Please register with Martin Peyer and thank him for arranging for our guest speaker at mpeyer2@yahoo.com or 612-965-0191.

Looking ahead

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March 9 Palm Commercial Brokerage @ECC

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