Minneapolis Breakfast Club

A Real Estate Market update!

Early Birds: Its déjà vu all over again as Jon Peterson, Bob Alexander and Dwain Coleman started the day early with a little conversation.

Call to Order: Jon Peterson called the meeting to order.

Honorary Members: Karen Holtmeier and Bob Alexander were the honorary members in attendance

Guests: None today


  1. We need a President, Vice President, and Board members for the club starting in the January thru June 2022 term. Interested? Contact Past President Jon.
  2. 2022 Craft Talk dates are available. Sign up with Craig Blixrud.
  3. 2022 Rosters are available.

Business Networking: Tom Whaley updated us the MLB strike. It really doesn’t affect the Saints who have an opening day on April 12. Todd Anderson mentioned he attended the Ranger Party the other night and saw Tom Whaley and Jim Erickson there as well.

Business Exchange: Sharing today were Dwain Coleman, Bob Alexander, Paul Ralles, Mark Ahmann, Chuck Shreffler, and Jim Erickson.

Pot of Gold: Bill McReavy Jr. drew 5 cards and the winner was Jim Erickson.

Craft Talk: 

Today’s craft speaker was introduced by Bob Alexander (who won the Pot of Gold last week).

Craig Blixrud is a small-town guy who once played his trumpet in the Boys State Band in 1974 and has the vinyl record to prove it. He is married to Susan and they have 4 children and 2 grandchildren and they have lived in Eden Prairie for 40 years.

Susan and Craig founded Lone Birch Realty in 2019 after 25 years in the residential real estate business in the Twin cities and surrounding area.

Craig gave us an overview of the 2021 Market results and some in the trenches stories about transactions they have been involved in over the last year.

Highlights were; $26B of homes were sold last year in 66,000 transactions with a median sale price of $339,900. The median price increased 11% in the last year. Homes sold on average for more than asking price, with and average of 28 days on the market and 17 showings before a sale.

If you are thinking of buying or selling or want to know the value of you home or want to have a Realtor’s perspective on maintenance or improvements being contemplated, just contact Craig.

Registration by text, email, voice, or snail mail is appreciated at 612-716-4551 or craigblixrud@gmail.com 

Looking ahead

March 9 TBD@ECC

March 16 Rudin & Rubin Financial Group @ECC

March 23 Electronic Design

March 30 No Meeting