Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Creating and Maintaining Wealth with Rudin & Rubin!

Early Birds: Early birds today were Bob Alexander, Todd Anderson and guest john Winston.

Call to Order: Craig Blixrud called the meeting to order.

Honorary Members: Karen Holtmeier, Bob Alexander, and Dick Nelson were in attendance today.

Guests: John Winston came today as a guest of Tony Rubin.


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  4. Please bring a friend to a craft talk.

Business Networking: None today

Business Exchange: 

Pot of Gold: Julius Webster was the owner of the 5th card drawn by Tony Rubin.

Craft Talk: 

Todd Anderson introduced today’s craft speaker, Tony Rubin. Tony is the father of two sons and lives in Edina. He is a big hockey fan/parent. Recently he was diagnosed with a torn meniscus from playing knee hockey.

Tony and his partner, Jim Rudin along with a great team provide financial services to clients across a broad spectrum of those looking to create wealth and those looking to manage their wealth. Using a LIMIT approach to determine their needs (Longevity, Inflation, Market risk, Interest Rate risk, Tail event risk) and risk level, they tailor a financial plan for their clients.

Tony briefly went over 50+ areas they consider in developing a financial plan as well as how various market segments have performed over time.

A couple of other items discussed were 1) Individual stocks are where the opportunities are for 2X and 3X growth as opposed to mutual funds, and 2) A very large number of adults have never lived in a time of great inflation.

Give Tony a call to discuss your financial needs and how Rudin and Rubin can help you.

Registration by text, email, voice, or snail mail to Tony Rubin is appreciated at 612-810-1474 or tony.rubin@wellsfargoadvisors.com 

Looking ahead

March 23 Electronic Design

March 30 No Meeting on the 5th Wednesday

April 6 Solomon Strategies Group @ECC

April 13 Palm Commercial Brokerage