Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Paging Mr. Kankovsky of Electronic Design!

Early Birds: Early birds today were Bob Alexander, Todd Anderson, Dwain Coleman, and Jim Scott

Call to Order: Craig Blixrud called the meeting to order.

Honorary Members: Martin Peyer, Karen Holtmeier, Bob Alexander, and Dick Nelson were in attendance today.

Guests: None today


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Business Networking: None today

Business Exchange: Joe Kankovsky, Dick Nelson, Paul Ralles, and Dwain Coleman all had something to share.

Pot of Gold: Don Thiets drew 5 cards and the winner was Mark Ahmann.

Craft Talk: 

 Julius Webster introduced today’s craft speaker, Joe Kankovsky of Electronic Design. 

Joe has been married for 46 years to Patty and they live in Apple Valley. He was introduced to the club by Jim Christenson. Joe has been with Electronic Design Company for 20 years and is the owner of the company.

Joe gave us an overview of 3 unique projects that they have done.

One is a Real Time Sign project for the Metropolitan Transit on doing a text to voice translation in real time at up to 400 bus stops for the hearing impaired.

Two is a Prairie Island Nuclear Plant project to have a wired paging system that allows 2-way communication from each of the paging locations throughout the plant. They needed to have noise canceling headphones with microphones.

Third is a project to install voice to text paging capabilities at the MSP airport. The gate agents in announcing flight info will have it converted to text message in as close to real time as possible.

Electronic Design also does teleconferencing rooms for all size businesses as well as paging systems.

Give Joe a call to review your need for his services.

Registration by text, email, voice, or snail mail to Joe Kankovsky is appreciated at 612-940-4320 or jkankovsky@edcsolutions.com .

Looking ahead

March 30 No Meeting on the 5th Wednesday

April 6 TBD @ECC

April 13 Palm Commercial Brokerage

April 20 Christensen Group