Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Washburn-McReavy is here is serve you!

Early Birds: Early birds today were Dwain Coleman and Ron Britz

Call to Order: Jon Peterson called the meeting to order.

Honorary Members: Mark Simon, Ron Britz, Karen Holtmeier and Dick Nelson were in attendance today.

Guests: Bill McReavy Jr brought his parents, Bill Sr and Kay, as well as his sister Cindy.


  1. We need a President, Vice President, and Board members for the club starting in the July thru December 2022 term. Interested? Contact Past President Jon Peterson.
  2. 2022 Craft Talk dates are available. Sign up with Craig Blixrud.
  3. 2022 Rosters are available to be picked up.
  4. Please bring a friend to a craft talk.

Business Networking: Todd Anderson saw Dave Mitchell and 

Business Exchange:  Dwain Coleman and Mark Ahmann had business to share today.

Pot of Gold: Mike Palm drew 5 cards and the winner of a large pot was Mark Ahmann.

Craft Talk: 

Karen Holtmeier introduced our craft speaker, Bill McReavy Jr. of Washburn-McReavy.

Bill started off his presentation by saying that they have been a club member since 1983 when they purchased Welander-Quist.

Bill gave a great presentation of the history of the family business with photos from 1857 until today. The steady growth has been phenomenal over time and there is a younger generation working in the business today. Some of the highlights were Bill Sr. taking over the business in 1949, introducing white hearses to our marketplace, acquiring cemeteries as well as buying competitors.

Do you have your funeral preplanned? If not contact Bill Jr. to get that taken care of. 

Registration by email, text, or call to Bill McReavy at 612-865-5523 or Bill McReavy@washburn-mcreavy.com .

Looking ahead

May 25 Marketing the Breakfast Club, part 2@ECC

June 1 Rudin and Rubin of WellsFargo Financial Advisors @ECC

June 8 TBD

June 15 Carey Limo @ECC