Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Re-Making the Breakfast Club!

Early Birds: Early birds were Dwain Coleman and Todd Anderson.

Call to Order: Jon Peterson called the meeting to order.

Honorary Members: In attendance today were Ron Britz, and Karen Holtmeier.

Guests: None Today


  2. We need a President, Vice President, and Board members for the club starting in the June thru December 2022 term. Interested? Contact Past President Jon.
  3. 2022 Craft Talk dates are available. Sign up with Craig Blixrud.
  4. 2022 Rosters are available to be picked up.
  5. Please bring a friend to a craft talk.

Business Networking: Paul Ralles announced today that Knollwood Liquors is closing as of September 1, 2022. The building has been sold to Bremer Bank. After 47+ years in the liquor business, Knollwood will cease to exist. Randy Korn is still looking for an experienced carpenter.

Business Exchange: Paul Ralles

Pot of Gold: Brian Knight drew 5 cards, and the big winner was Dwain Coleman.

Craft Talk: Brian Knight presented the results from the Survey of Breakfast Club
members. Chief findings of the survey were:

  1. Move the starting time back to 8AM from 7:30.
  2. Reduce the number of meetings to 2 per month.
  3. Have the speaker schedule available aa month in advance.
  4. Require members to bring at least 2 guests per year (Still TBD is determining who pays for the guests).
  5. Allowing more than one professional in a business area. This was voted 64% to 36% to allow this change. Many members felt this was an area to be reviewed more.
  6. Host offsite events such as Wine and beer tastings, WWE, Monster trucks, Ball games, dinner cruises, etc. (100% interest in these types of events)
  7. Have “bigger speakers” in more of an event setting.

Brian is going to resend the survey so that we get more responses than the 15 we have had as we have 30 members and 11 Honorary members. We would like to have as many responses as possible.

You can register with Craig Blixrud @ 612-716-4551 by text or voice or email at craigblixrud@gmail.com.

Looking ahead
July 20 St. Paul Saints @CHS Field

July 27 Bullseye Media @ECC

August 3 TBD@ECC