Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Solomon Strategies

Business Strategies

Member: Jim Erickson

Solomon Strategies Group
A one-stop firm offering customized strategies provided by a talented, dedicated team.
We offer carefully considered guidance and fast, effective execution.

Our team is diverse, passionate, and well-informed (through our national and international partners).
Solomon Strategies Group acknowledges each client’s unique position and needs
for a customized strategy to reduce risk,
build on their strengths, explore new opportunities, and minimize threats.


Policy Advocacy
We drive policy change towards advancing our clients’ interests. We develop and execute successful strategies tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.  We ensure that key policymakers understand our clients’ interests on critical issues.

Business Development
We raise our clients profiles in local and federal branches. . We aggressively  monitor legislative and regulatory news. We also play defense, working to identify and thwart actions and initiatives that could be harmful to our clients’ interests.

Due Diligence
We provide our clients with insights into the relevant political climate. We work to establish long-term political capital.

We offer SWOT Strength/Weaknesses/ Opportunity/Threat analyses on a fixed-retainer basis, with no further obligation.  The Report and Recommendations are confidential.