Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Electronic Design Company

Member: Joe Kankovsky

Clients who need a complete resource for highly reliable, high performance Audio, Video and Critical Communication Systems count on Electronic Design Company. Electronic Design provides complete life cycle support for all the systems we provide including service, consulting, analysis, design and implementation. The critical systems include large performance venue audio systems like CHS Field and the Target Center. For Corporate and Government clients we provide board, training and meeting room audio and visual systems. For Education clients we provide campus wide intercom and paging along with audio and video systems for theaters and gymnasiums. We provide patient staff communication systems for Hospitals and Care facilities. We have many clients that rely on us for emergency intercom and paging. These clients include the MSP Airport and many metro area parking facilities. Finally but certainly not least, we design and implement some of the best audio systems in some of the finest Houses of Worship in the metropolitan area.