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Fire Protection

Member: Sean Merkel

Summit is a family of companies with deep experience and a successful history in fire protection services for commercial, industrial and large-scale residential applications.

Together, our companies are a complete package of solutions for projects big and small—sharing a focus on professionalism, total customer satisfaction and solutions that work. We’ve completed projects ranging from large manufacturing plants to high-tech data storage installations; and from large commercial, public and office buildings to smaller retail and office facilities across the country.

In fire protection, our companies Summit Fire Protection, Minnesota Conway Fire & Safety, Northland Fire & Security and St. Cloud Fire Equipment offer diverse solutions: from large commercial projects, high-profile public projects and office buildings; to specialized high-tech fire suppression systems; to smaller scale fire protection for offices, commercial projects and residential applications. Any building that requires fire protection planning, design and installation can be handled by Summit.

Our Summit Fire Consulting division offers expertise in the complex world of building codes, fire codes and fire protection engineering. Building owners, architects, engineers and contractors call on our expertise in building and fire code compliance.

Let’s talk about what we can do for you. You have the option of contacting our companies individually—or through our Summit Total Fire & Life Safety Program, where one simple call gives you access to our complete family of solutions.