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Rudin & Rubin Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

Financial Planning & Investments

Member: Tony Rubin

ony and his team provide comprehensive, consultative, investment planning and wealth management services to affluent individuals and families. Additionally, Tony assists public and private business executives and owners advising them through significant liquidity events including pre and post event advanced planning, hedging and diversifying concentrated holdings, and investment consulting. Making sure your wealth continues to work in support of the goals you have established takes careful planning. Such planning is not a single event - it is a process. As your life circumstances change, so must the investment strategies we use to stay on course toward pursue your objectives. That is why we work with you, one on one, to design investment strategies targeted to your specific needs and goals. Each member of The Rudin & Rubin Financial Group, and our support specialists, are committed to you. In order to make sure the investment consulting and advanced planning are tightly coordinated, our team works closely with all of your advisors. This often includes estate attorneys, accountants, bankers and insurance agents. Working as one team, we help optimize efforts across all of the interrelated pieces of your financial life. We believe the longevity of our team’s client relationships is a testament to our commitment to providing valuable advice. You may also visit our website at www.randrfinancialgroup.com

The Rudin & Rubin Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors serves the needs of accomplished professionals and families who have worked toward achieving personal and financial goals and potentially watch their wealth grow. However, many never anticipate the complexity that increasing wealth brings.

Many clients may feel unsure of appropriate next steps.

Our integrated approach to wealth management means we evaluate and coordinate investors’ life needs and financial goals, manage assets and execute strategies to help achieve specific goals and support efficient wealth transfer across generations.

All while potentially helping clients maximize the wealth they’ve earned and spend more time enjoying the achievements of their life and work.