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Nicole Bower

Admin Solutions

Apple Valley MN Business Services and Goals:

* To be available when we are needed.
* For each client to feel like the only client.
* To ensure prompt, accurate and reliable service.

Admin Solutions knows that running a business in today’s busy world requires more time (and energy) than many of us have. With this in mind, it is important that you, the business owner, focus on the success of your products or service; we’ll help you handle the rest of the details that often get overlooked.

Areas of expertise include business accounting and performance management, A/R & A/P support to include vendor management, client invoicing, collections and electronic medical claim processing, member database management, reception center and event planning.

As a business owner, the need for full-time staff may not be necessary or affordable; however, a need for business assistance or support for overflow work probably exists.

Our employees have the experience and knowledge to be that person for you. We believe that a lasting first impression counts. Our motto?

“Excellence as a standard”!

All services are tailored to meet your unique business style. Our focus is to help you develop, expand and maintain your business, in both areas that need attention and those that are working well. Because work is performed on an ongoing basis, the needs of your business will constantly be met, while working closely with you to improve your bottom line.