Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Becoming a Member

The Breakfast Club is always pleased to welcome new members, although we do strive to avoid redundancy of business types.

Please check out our agenda, and our directory of members and if you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact the membership chair for more information and an invitation to join us for breakfast. (Download application and ACH Form.)

Prospective members of the Breakfast Club of Minneapolis are encouraged to attend one or more meetings as a guest of the Membership Chair or other sponsoring members of the club. Attendance provides the opportunity to evaluate the meeting experience and to get acquainted with some of the members. Subject to frequency limits, these breakfasts are complimentary.

Anyone interested in pursuing membership for their company may be proposed by the Membership Chair or any member of the club in good standing through its active representative. The proposed member’s name, line of business or profession, and the name of the proposed representative is ultimately presented to the Board of Directors for review and consideration of a potential business conflict. After completion of this process, the Membership Chair or sponsoring member will convey the findings to the prospective member.  Ultimately, membership is subject to the unanimous approval of the Board after the proposed member business is announced to the membership-at-large for feedback.

Each company member in the club is encouraged to appoint a Primary and Associate member. Having two representatives from each company increases the likelihood of regular meeting representation through illness, vacations and schedule conflicts.

Members are encouraged, but not required, to exchange business with other members of the Club. In the spirit of that membership, we suggest that club members, at a minimum, have an opportunity to bid on services in need, recognizing one’s need for practical decision-making driven by the combination of price, quality and service.

Active membership in the Breakfast Club may lead to direct business exchange and referrals resulting from the many new acquaintances.  As one would expect, benefits derived from membership will be in direct proportion to the time and effort put forth.

Special Club Functions

The Breakfast Club of Minneapolis enjoys an occasional social event, the most notable of which is the annual summer golf outing. The best-ball event typically occurs on a Monday in June, with a shotgun start.  Golfers of all skill levels gather to enjoy the sunshine and each other’s company before sitting down to a delicious dinner. The day is capped off by a program in which everyone leaves with one or more prizes – generously donated by the membership. Not a golfer? No problem! We welcome the entire membership, guests, and honorary members to join together for the dinner and program.

The Club also holds an occasional fishing outing and has been known to gather in the Fall for a “ball” or other social events. This is truly a great evening to socialize and introduce or reacquaint your spouse or significant other to your Breakfast Club friends.


The fee for membership in the Breakfast Club of Minneapolis is $100 per month and is due upon receipt of the monthly invoice. There is a one-time entry fee of $80. Members may pre-pay annual dues for greater convenience. Honorary members (retirees of current or former member companies) pay an annual fee of $15 to cover the cost of mailed newsletters and are invited to attend meetings frequently as a guest.  Guest breakfast fees are $15 payable on the day of attendance.