Become A Better Buyer With Coldwell Banker Burnet

February 14, 2018   It was a warm winter morning for Valentine’s Day. Dick Anderson was first to arrive with the list of registrants from his Craft Talk last week. President Kelsey Wolter called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell, a moment of silence, and a...

Get The Inside Scoop on Anderson Furniture

February 7, 2018   So excited to be today’s Craft Talk speaker this morning, Dick Anderson was first to arrive. He was soon joined by others for fellowship and coffee. President Kelsey Wolter called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence. Honorary...

Catch More ZZZs with Sleep Health Specialists

January 31, 2018   It was a snowy start under a full blue moon this morning. First to arrive was Dick Anderson followed by Robert Sanberg. Others straggled in after them as they were sky watching in the parking lot. President Kelsey Wolter called our meeting to order with a...

Prepare Your Business with B2B CFO

January 24, 2018   Early Bird Dick Anderson found his way to the well plowed parking lot at The Woman’s Club this morning where he was soon joined by others for coffee and fellowship. President Kelsey Wolter kicked off today’s meeting with a ring of the bell and a moment...

Get Inspired by The Sheridan Story

January 17, 2018   Here we are a third of the way through winter and the sun has a little warmth to it! The early bird today was Dick Anderson. New President Kelsey Wolter called our meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence,...

Feel Your Best with Medical Weight Management Center

The Medical Weight Management Center is in its 21st year of providing The OPTIFAST program, a medical meal replacement food created by Nestle Health Science Corp.  It is an effective intervention to help patients lose weight quickly and safely.  For many patients, reducing excess body fat will improve pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high triglycerides, as well as orthopedic conditions.  Obesity is a chronic disease and does have long term consequences that might not be apparent initially.  Our patients are people who are genetically pre-disposed to obesity.  We offer weight loss support and education as well as maintenance support.  Breakfast Club members are invited to schedule a nutrition "tune up" consult with Karen Holtmeier by calling 952-835-2132 or by e-mail at

Help Your Business Grow with Resultants For Business

erry Olson, a business advisor with Resultants for Business, helps owners get what they want from their business. His work is focused on helping business leaders execute strategically, optimize the value of their business, and plan for a meaningful exit from their business. Jerry discussed three keys to running a successful business: 1) Develop and communicate a clear VISION that points a direction for everyone involved; 2) Gather great PEOPLE around you to help accomplish the vision; and 3) Track key DATA that measures progress toward your vision.Jerry offered members a free one-hour consultation to help determine how they might improve their business value and business operations.  Contact Jerry at to register for the Pot of Gold and to accept the offer.

Make Your Holidays Sparkle with Continental Diamond

Continental Diamond is a spacious and welcoming store with the largest selection of owned diamonds in Minnesota. Owning diamonds allows Continental Diamond to pass on the price savings to its clients. The store also features a vast and eclectic selection of jewelry in all price ranges by many jewelry designers and an impressive selection of fine timepieces. They have an experienced and a well-educated sales team that includes three GIA Graduate Gemologists and seven GIA Diamond graduates. The store’s repair department is staffed with three jewelers having over 80 years combined experience, (two of which are Master Goldsmiths), four take-in specialists, a custom manufacturing specialist and a watch repair manager.

Express Your Emotions with Lindskoog Florist

  November 22, 2017 Happy Thanksgiving Breakfast Clubbers! Dick Anderson was our early bird today followed by a large crowd of members who gathered for the last meeting in November. President Robbie Danko called the meeting to order with a festive Thanksgiving joke.  The punchline “what did the turkey do?”...

Keep Up To Date on Minnesota’s Government with Solomon Strategies Group, LLC

Jim Erickson of Solomon Strategies Group filled in for Printastik while Gabe is recovering from surgery.    Jim first covered the Expo 2023 vote to be taken later in the day (Argentina won).  He presented a slide show on the national chase to be the Amazon HQ2.   His client Towerside (north of University Avenue, between TCF Stadium and Highway 280) is one of the leading sites for the up to 50,000 employee second headquarters for Amazon.    Amazon has received a total of 238 site responses to its RFP, 18 of which are in Minnesota.   Jim also addressed some of the current political news, as well as bit of political history from the 1780’s.