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Feel Your Best with Medical Weight Management Center

The Medical Weight Management Center is in its 21st year of providing The OPTIFAST program, a medical meal replacement food created by Nestle Health Science Corp.  It is an effective intervention to help patients lose weight quickly and safely.  For many patients, reducing excess body fat will improve pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high triglycerides, as well as orthopedic conditions.  Obesity is a chronic disease and does have long term consequences that might not be apparent initially.  Our patients are people who are genetically pre-disposed to obesity.  We offer weight loss support and education as well as maintenance support.  Breakfast Club members are invited to schedule a nutrition “tune up” consult with Karen Holtmeier by calling 952-835-2132 or by e-mail at kholtmeier@medicalweightcenter.com.

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Help Your Business Grow with Resultants For Business

erry Olson, a business advisor with Resultants for Business, helps owners get what they want from their business. His work is focused on helping business leaders execute strategically, optimize the value of their business, and plan for a meaningful exit from their business. Jerry discussed three keys to running a successful business: 1) Develop and communicate a clear VISION that points a direction for everyone involved; 2) Gather great PEOPLE around you to help accomplish the vision; and 3) Track key DATA that measures progress toward your vision.

Jerry offered members a free one-hour consultation to help determine how they might improve their business value and business operations.  Contact Jerry at Jerry@TheResultants.com to register for the Pot of Gold and to accept the offer.

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Make Your Holidays Sparkle with Continental Diamond

Continental Diamond is a spacious and welcoming store with the largest selection of owned diamonds in Minnesota. Owning diamonds allows Continental Diamond to pass on the price savings to its clients. The store also features a vast and eclectic selection of jewelry in all price ranges by many jewelry designers and an impressive selection of fine timepieces. They have an experienced and a well-educated sales team that includes three GIA Graduate Gemologists and seven GIA Diamond graduates. The store’s repair department is staffed with three jewelers having over 80 years combined experience, (two of which are Master Goldsmiths), four take-in specialists, a custom manufacturing specialist and a watch repair manager.

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Keep Up To Date on Minnesota’s Government with Solomon Strategies Group, LLC

Jim Erickson of Solomon Strategies Group filled in for Printastik while Gabe is recovering from surgery.    Jim first covered the Expo 2023 vote to be taken later in the day (Argentina won).  He presented a slide show on the national chase to be the Amazon HQ2.   His client Towerside (north of University Avenue, between TCF Stadium and Highway 280) is one of the leading sites for the up to 50,000 employee second headquarters for Amazon.    Amazon has received a total of 238 site responses to its RFP, 18 of which are in Minnesota.   Jim also addressed some of the current political news, as well as bit of political history from the 1780’s.   

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Have the Vacation of Your Dreams With AAA Minneapolis

AAA Minneapolis, a trusted name for over 100 years, offers a full-service travel agency providing personalized leisure travel services to everyone. AAA members enjoy special discounts and added values through our partnerships with major cruise lines, hotels, tour companies, and Hertz car rental. What sets AAA apart? We start with you. Our Travel Counselors listen first, so whether we explore opportunities by destination, experience or value, the focus is on your idea of the perfect dream vacation or getaway.

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Guest Speaker: Major General Robert Shadley, Author of The GAMe: Unraveling a Military Sex Scandal

The topic of Major General (ret) Robert D. Shadley’s talk was, “Leadership: Preventing and Responding to Crisis.”  His experience in the Army included responsibilities in Vietnam, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, OPERATION UPHOLD in Haiti, and many others.  He has been recognized with many distinguished awards.

The most heroic act of his 33-year career occurred when he commanded the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.  While there he discovered a “game” among the enlisted staff that involved sexual harassment and sexual assault. The game was identified at multiple locations.  Since that time, he has been an advocate for recognizing and dealing with sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual violence in the work place, and he wrote a book, The GAMe: Unraveling a Military Sex Scandal, which is available through his website.

Bob started off his talk with a discussion of the word leadership. His definition was: “The art of getting things done through others who don’t want to do it.” He talked about the 4 Cs of leadership: Competence, Character, Chemistry, and Curiosity.  He also talked about the bad side made up of 4 Bs that negatively affect leadership: Booze, Boys and Girls, Bucks ($), and Ballots (Politics).

To learn more, or to connect with Major General Shadley, visit https://www.shadleyeditions.com/.

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Keep The Fires At Bay With J.N. Johnson Fire & Safety

Did you know that most fire related deaths occur in a home? How are your fire extinguishers, and where are they located in your home and office? Check them when you change your smoke detector batteries.
Did you know the fire codes vary by building type and occupancy?
Did you know that sprinkler heads are only set off one at a time and put a fire using one tenth the amount of water that comes out of a fire hose?
Did you know that there are different smoke detectors for kitchens that can be used in your home?
Did you know that fire restoration can save many items, but that your life will be turned upside down for quite a while?
Do you think that a fire can’t happen to you? Ask some of your fellow club members like Tony Rubin, Jon Peterson, and even Mike Palm about their experiences with unwanted fires.
If you were at the meeting, you will know all the answers, and if not, it’s important to make sure to read up on fire safety and prevention to keep both you and your family protected.

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Trust Your Business with Boulay PLLP. They’ll “Help Get You There.”

Boulay, founded in 1934, is an accounting and consulting firm with offices in Eden Prairie, MN and Naples, FL. At Boulay, we work with individuals, closely-held businesses and ESOP companies to help assure their financial success. Our team of 170 professionals — including 33 partners and 90 Certified Public Accountants — is committed to giving you the confidence to make the best decisions and the peace of mind to know they are right. Our team provides the following best-in-class services designed to “help you get there.”

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Help Your Neighbors Thrive with Meals From The Heart, Hosted by Toshiba Business Solutions

Meals from the Heart provides meals to local food shelfs by partnering with businesses and organizations to pack their unique food and then distributing the food through local food shelfs in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Did you know that one in 10 Minnesotans and one in 9 Wisconsinites have food security issues? Meals from the Heart works to alleviate the problem. They have 3 chef designed flavors (soon to be four) that are packaged in a bag and serves 6 people. They produce and package the food for 18 cents a meal and charge organizations that do the packing 25 cents a meal. To pack a meal all they ask is that you have 8 teams of 20+ people available for a 2 hour fun event.

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Have Your Home Stand Out With House Lift Remodeler

Did you know that over 70% of remodelers are one-man operations, and that 70% of remodelers do less than $200K in revenue? House Lift is one of the few companies that does over $1M in annual revenue and has a fulltime professional staff. Eighty percent of their projects are in Minneapolis, but they branch out to suburban areas for projects as well. New for the coming year is building new homes from the ground up with two in the works. From small jobs up to whole house remodels, we can partner with you to create the home you’ve been dreaming of.

We are your full-service remodeling and contractor services in Minneapolis. You might have dealt with or are dealing with contractors who try to push their ideas on you. It’s something we hear often. At House Lift we are on your side, listening to what you have been dreaming of and offering our advice on how to get there quicker.

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Keep Your Money In Good Hands With MidWestOne Bank

MidWestOne Financial Group, Inc. is a financial holding company headquartered in Iowa City, Iowa. MidWestOne Financial is the parent company of MidWestOne Bank, which operates 43 banking offices in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Florida.

MidWestOne provides electronic delivery of financial services through its website, MidWestOne.com. MidWestOne Financial trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol MOFG.

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Make A Move With Berger Transfer & Storage

Berger was established in 1910 and has grown to become an innovative industry leader with seventeen facilities located across the United States.  It is a full-service, multifaceted transportation company that provides household goods moving and warehousing, office and industrial relocations, special product shipping, commercial storage, asset management, and trade show transportation.  It has the largest hauling fleet with the Allied Van Lines’ network, which allows for a greater self-haul rate. Berger has the experience and resources to services all of your relocation needs.

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Take a Drive With Lupient Automotive Group

Lupient Automotive Group has been in existence for almost 48 years. Lupient strives to maintain the reputation created by our founder Jim Lupient. Jim started out as a lot attendant before being forced into service as a salesman at a young age. His goal was simple to give his guests the best experience possible. At Lupient we believe in showing our guests what we can do each and every day. To me the most important part of the process is the relationship. You can buy a car from anyone but you may not get the attention you need and deserve. I will always give you an honest answer and let you know what I can do to help you out. Lupient is able to lease any make/model new or used. We can also lease you box trucks, bobcats and just about any other type of equipment or machinery needed to meet your vehicle needs. Our employee buyer program is a free benefit you can offer to you staff at no cost to you. So whether you need a car for yourself or a fleet for work let me show what Lupient Leasing can offer you.

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Member Retirement Panel

Chris Leonard moderated a panel composed of Mark Simon, Ron Britz, Martin Peyer, and Bill McReavy.

These distinguished panelists told of their journey to retirement and what it looked like for them. Of course, Bill McReavy, Sr. has no plans to retire anytime soon.

It turns out none of the panelists have retired to a rocking chair and all continue to work on things that interest them greatly.

As Martin Peyer put it, “You will need purpose and fulfillment to have a great retirement.”

All of the retired members put thought into planning for retirement several years before actually retiring.

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